Government Funded Healthcare and the Moral High Ground

December 8, 2009 5 comments

When I go to Burger King, which I find myself doing less and less often nowadays for several reasons, there’s one expectation I have that surpasses all others: I get to have it MY way.  Ya see, I’m paying for it, and so there’s no question that if I’m paying for it, I should get whatever I want.  It’s the American way, folks.

On to healthcare, and something to consider…

If we have a public option, and I’m paying for it, it gives me a financial and moral obligation and RIGHT to protect my (the government’s) money.  Therefore, if I’m paying for YOUR healthcare, there are going to be several changes I’m going to expect you to make – because, after all, we’re going to take the moral high ground on this like we do so many other things.

Smoking? Sorry.  That costs us money.

Promiscuous Sex? Not happening.

Soda? We’ll be rationing that, thanks.

Fast Food? Also rationed, and not available during normal mealtimes.

Exercise? Yes, every day. Failure to do so will land you a fine or jail time.

Marijuana? Sorry, that’s illegal and according to the Government (the same outfit now running your healthcare), it’s bad for you.  Ditto bacon and old-school movie popcorn.  Say goodbye to all of them.  Hotdogs? Even though you may answer to a Higher Authority, since I’m now paying for your ER visits, you’ll be giving those up, too.

Now I know some of you never had one, but for me this sounds like my mom talking.  Problem is, I have a mom and I don’t need another one.  Nor do I need a nanny.  While I realize that many needy, dysfunctional people NEED this sort of supervision and oversight, the majority of us would rather not have it.

We’ve SEEN what bureaucracy does.  When was the last time you encountered the IRS and had a pleasant experience? When was the last time you actually felt fairly treated at the Department of Motor Vehicles?  For that matter, when was the last time you had to use your Driver’s License for something that actually had to do with driving a car?

Do you REALLY want to give other people, and especially the Federal Government the moral right to dictate every single aspect of your lifestyle on the premise of protecting their assets and lowering taxpayer healthcare costs?

Not only can we NOT afford the trillions of dollars this fiasco will cause us, but we seriously cannot afford this additional infringement on our basic rights and freedoms. We’re all FAR too busy forcing foreign countries to do things the American Way, and people those bullets and bombs cost serious money.

They scared you with Iraq and 9/11, and as a result of all that fearmongering we allowed the lawmakers to take many inherent rights from us via the ‘Patriot Act’ (which has NOTHING Patriotic in it, BTW).  The same suits told you the world would come to an end unless we bailed out Wall Street with trillions of dollars, and the limp-wristed, American Idol Obsessed masses allowed that to happen as well.  Now they’re trying to scare you with Healthcare.

Get rid of insurance limits and pre-existing conditions.  Nobody thinks that’s appropriate.  Eliminate idiotic lawsuits and lower malpractice insurance so that healthcare costs can be lowered for everybody.  Outside of the legal community, we’re mostly ALL on the same page with those things.

Just don’t allow Uncle Sam to control the very thing that determines your quality of life, and the way you live it.  Once that’s given over to ‘the machine’ to run, we may never get it back.

For the Legion,


2009 NSR Turkey of the Year

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